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posted on 20 Dec 2009 18:42 by x-biking-chiangmai

Holiday Trips , you can ride downhills, leisure cross country trips, advanced single track, cultural rides.



Mountainbiking in Chiangmai!!!
As a mountain bikers, if you dream about big mountains, single tracks, forest trails, riverbeds & huge descents, you need look no further…We have got it all in here!

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Biking Chiangmai a group of local professional mountain bikers who provide you with the perfect all year-round big riding holidays…  With trails to suit different levels, from downhill, free-ride to Crosscountry. We strive to make your holidays to a most challenging, exciting, skill enhancing & FUN.

Based in Chiang Mai, have more than 50 national parks in the north of Thailand, mountains raising about us from 1600 m to 2300 m which means great riding & spectacular scenery as well as the buzzing nightlife, history and culture.

If you want ride with X biking Chiang Mai Thailand . click here  to our website

CONTACT US : X Biking Chiang Mai Thailand.

Address : 58/5 Moo 1 Chiang mai-Fang Road, Rimtai, Maerim, Chiang mai 50180  
Phone : +66 85 039 8468, +66 85 219 0387 Fax : +66 53 810 240
Email :   Website




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